Top 40 Travel Ideas in July

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#40 – Travel Door Alarms - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Lewis N. Clark Travel Door Alarm Provides Peace of Mind on the Go

#39 – Yacht-Style Hotels Rooms - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs New York’s Public Hotel Boasts Simple Rooms « Like Cabins on a Yacht »

#38 – Campsite Rental Services - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Tentrr is Like Airbnb for Spending a Night Under the Stars

#37 – Lavish Sleeper Trains - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Belmond Andean Explorer is a Luxury Hotel Inside a Train

#36 – Transportable Hotel Rooms - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Hyperloop Hotel Concept Moves Hotel Rooms Between Cities

#35 – Canadian Pod Hotels - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Pangea Hotel in Whistler Will Take Cues from Japanese Capsule Hotels

#34 – VR Train Tours - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Grand Journey from Bombay Sapphire Takes Guests on a Virtual Tour

#33 – Nature-Focused Hotel Rebrands - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Nanshan Presents the Chain’s New Image

#32 – Expanding Carry-On Suitcases - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The ‘XTEND’ Suitcase Shifts Size to Shrink or Grow as You Need

#31 – Travel-Themed Selfie Walls - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The #DeltaDatingWall Presents a Photo-Op for Online Daters

#30 – Space-Themed Sleeping Pods - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘Met A Space Pods’ are the World’s Tiniest Hotel Rooms

#29 – Customizable Minibar Packages - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Marriott is Giving Guests More Choice on What’s in Hotel Minibars

#28 – Cruise Ship Water Parks - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Dr. Seuss WaterWorks is a Whimsical Water Park Aboard the Carnival Horizon

#27 – Cartoon-Themed Luggage - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The New Minions Suitcase Collection from Away is Chic Yet Adorable

#26 – Fitness-Focused Cruises - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Blue World Offers Health-Minded Individuals Relaxing and Rewarding Trips

#25 – Millennial-Only River Cruises - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘U by Uniworld’ is Exclusively for Those 21 to 45 Years of Age

#24 – Disney Character Deck Parties - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Disney Cruises’ Marvel Day at Sea Brings Marvel Characters to Life

#23 – Nomadic Finance Apps - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Combine App Makes Banking Easier for Frequent Travellers and Expats

#22 – In-Airport Gaming Stations - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Nintendo Opened a Free Gaming Area in Kansai International Airport

#21 – High-Speed Hotel Pods - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Hyperloop Hotel Lets You Travel Between Cities Without Leaving Your Room

#20 – Wine-Themed Motels - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The June Motel Promotes Wine and Wellness

#19 – Smart Hotel Rooms - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Best Western is Experimenting with Adding Amazon Dot to Suites

#18 – National Park Bandanas - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs These National Park Bandanas Act as Stylish Wearable Maps

#17 – Surprise Travel Platforms - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘Weekendia’ Offers Travel Trips That are Revealed Just Before Departure

#16 – Impermeable Exploration Luggage - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Front Runner Monsoon Bag is Both Water and Dustproof

#15 – Travel Community Magazines - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Airbnb Launched a Global Travel Magazine Called ‘Airbnbmag’

#14 – Real-Time Translation Apps - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Hostelworld’s App Now Includes a ‘Speak the World’ Feature

#13 – Cryptocurrency Airline Payments - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Peach Aviation Now Lets Travelers Pay with Bitcoin for Flights

#12 – Implanted Microchip Tickets - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Transit Operator SJ is Testing Ticket Validation via NFC Microchips

#11 – Inflatable In-Flight Hammocks - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘Fly Legs Up’ Hammocks Make Long-Haul Coach Flights More Bearable

#10 – Historic Mexican Guest Houses - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Ignacia Guest House Offers a Luxurious Home-Like Environment

#9 – Spontaneous Flight Deals - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Lufthansa Surprise Will Fly You to an Unknown Destination at a Discount

#8 – Hospitality Concierge Smartphones - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Momo is a Mobile Concierge for International Travellers

#7 – Suitcase Drop-Off Services - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Ebco Cloak’s Suitcase Storage Lets Travelers Drop Bags at Shops & Cafes

#6 – Self-Boarding Airport Systems - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs JetBlue is Testing a Paperless, Facial Recognition Boarding System

#5 – Cruise Ship Music Festivals - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘Anchored 2017’ is a Floating Festival Hosted by Unique Cruise

#4 – Multisensory Cruise Ship Lounges - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Ponant’s Blue Eye Lounge is Accented With Interactive Tech

#3 – Refugee Homeshare Programs - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Airbnb’s Open Homes Connects Refugees with Short-Term Living Spaces

#2 – Solar Eclipse-Focused Cruises - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Royal Caribbean Total Eclipse Cruise Sails on August 20

#1 – Caribbean Cruise Festivals - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Holy Ship! Tour Will Allow EDM Fans to Travel to a Private Island

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