Top 100 des idées gadgets en Aout

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#100 – Flexible Room Furniture - technology - Flexible Room Furniture Ori Smart Systems is a Robotic Modular Room Designed for Small Spaces

#99 – Pocket-Sized Projectors - technology - Pocket-Sized Projectors The Smart Beam by UO is the World’s Tiniest Projector

#98 – Travel Door Alarms - technology - Travel Door Alarms The Lewis N. Clark Travel Door Alarm Provides Peace of Mind on the Go

#97 – Space-Highlighting Bike Lights - technology - Space-Highlighting Bike Lights Michelin’s ‘Bikesphere’ Protects Cyclists with a Red Ring of Lasers

#96 – Wearable Cooling Fans - technology - Wearable Cooling Fans This Portable Fan You Can Wear Will Keep You Cool in Hot Weather This Summer

#95 – Stress-Alleviating Wristbands - technology - Stress-Alleviating Wristbands The ‘TouchPoints’ Wearables Calm You Down and Increase Focus

#94 – Professional Hair Trimming Tools - technology - Professional Hair Trimming Tools The Panasonic ER-GK60-W Men’s Body Trimmer Works from Head to Toe

#93 – Automatic Electronic Umbrellas - technology - Automatic Electronic Umbrellas ‘ShedRain’ Extends and Packs Itself with the Push of a Button

#92 – Stress Relief Wearables - technology - Stress Relief Wearables The Sensate is a Vibrating Chest-Mounted Stress Reliever

#91 – Smartphone-Upgrading Cases - technology - Smartphone-Upgrading Cases The ‘ZEE Core SmartCase’ Has a Battery, Additional Storage and More

#90 – Global Tracker Devices - technology - Global Tracker Devices The ‘Magpie’ GPS Trackers Let You Track Anything from Anywhere

#89 – Phone-Charging Smart Wallets - technology - Phone-Charging Smart Wallets Claudette Passo’s Solar Wallet Charge Devices with the Sun’s Energy

#88 – Low-Power Air Conditioners - technology - Low-Power Air Conditioners ‘Quilo’ Compact Fans Cool in the Summer and Humidify in the Winter

#87 – Vibrating Smart Leggings - technology - Vibrating Smart Leggings These Leggings by Wearable X Vibrate to Correct Yoga Poses

#86 – Trackpad Number Keyboard Attachments - technology - Trackpad Number Keyboard Attachments The ‘Nums’ Extends Laptop Trackpad Functionality

#85 – Personal Trainer Wearables - technology - Personal Trainer Wearables The ‘KT Health’ Band Tracks All Vitals During Activity or Rest

#84 – Acne Treatment Devices - technology - Acne Treatment Devices Neutrogena’s Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment Affordably Tackles Blemishes

#83 – MIDI Interface Violins - technology - MIDI Interface Violins The ‘IMI’ Electric Violin Instrument Has No Strings and a Refreshing Design

#82 – Compact Coffee Makers - technology - Compact Coffee Makers The Porta Rista from Fuse Coffee is a Coffee Maker That Can Fit in Your Bag

#81 – Anime-Themed Phone Chargers - technology - Anime-Themed Phone Chargers The Pikachu Phone Charger is an Adorable and Practical Accessory

#80 – Illuminating Cycling Helmets - technology - Illuminating Cycling Helmets Lumos’ Smart Tech Helmet Ensures Visibility on the Road

#79 – Electric Liquid Clocks - technology - Electric Liquid Clocks The ‘Rhei’ Liquid Clock Creates Digits with a Digitally Fluid Interface

#78 – Total Health Fitness Wearables - technology - Total Health Fitness Wearables The Biostrap Can be Worn on Any Part of the Body

#77 – Designer Italian Smart Switches - technology - Designer Italian Smart Switches The ‘iotty’ Light Switch Merges Technology with Fashion

#76 – Nature-Simulating Lamps - technology - Nature-Simulating Lamps The ‘Hora Timelight’ Soothes Your to Sleep or Coaxes You Awake

#75 – Dual-Dish Cooking Appliances - technology - Dual-Dish Cooking Appliances The Cuisinart Breakfast Express Waffle Omelet Maker is Multipurpose

#74 – Flashlight Zipper Dongles - technology - Flashlight Zipper Dongles The Gerber GDC Zip Light Keeps a Bright Light and Opener on Hand

#73 – Beer-Frothing Pouring Accessories - technology - Beer-Frothing Pouring Accessories The Green House Foamy Head Beer Server Produces the Perfect Pour

#72 – Bacteria-Killing Car Purifiers - technology - Bacteria-Killing Car Purifiers The Purifu Air Purifier for Cars Gets Rid of Odors and Germs

#71 – Oral Irrigation Devices - technology - Oral Irrigation Devices The Cadrim Portable Oral Irrigator Removes Plaque with a Gentle Operation

#70 – Deodorizing Coat Hangers - technology - Deodorizing Coat Hangers The Nanoe X Can Deodorize Clothes in About Five Hours

#69 – Stress Reduction Illumination Lamps - technology - Stress Reduction Illumination Lamps The ‘Glowscenes’ Lamp Provides Soothing in Any Space

#68 – Cyclist Helmet Communicators - technology - Cyclist Helmet Communicators The ‘Ahead’ Helmet Communication Device Fits on Any Helmet

#67 – Baseball Cap Helmets - technology - Baseball Cap Helmets Park and Diamond’s Collapsible Helmet Disguises Itself as a Baseball Cap

#66 – Intelligent Bedroom Lamps - technology - Intelligent Bedroom Lamps The ‘Circadia’ Light Tracks Sleep and Improves Productivity

#65 – Nutrition-Calculating Scales - technology - Nutrition-Calculating Scales The Greater Goods Nourish Kitchen Food Scale is Simple to Use

#64 – Brain-Training Wearables - technology - Brain-Training Wearables The ‘BRAINNO’ Smart Wearable Alleviates Stress and More

#63 – Magnetic High-Power Chargers - technology - Magnetic High-Power Chargers The ‘MagC’ USB-C Thunderbolt 3 Converter Brings Back MagSafe

#62 – Earphone-Upgrading Dongles - technology - Earphone-Upgrading Dongles The ATECH Micro Bluetooth Receiver Inexpensively Upgrades Headphones

#61 – Professional-Grade Muscle Massagers - technology - Professional-Grade Muscle Massagers The ‘TheraGun’ Works Out Tight Muscles for Athletes

#60 – LED Lamp Chargers - technology - LED Lamp Chargers The ‘BrightCharger’ Prevents Overcharging and Illuminates

#59 – Picture Frame Speaker Systems - technology - Picture Frame Speaker Systems Concrete Audio’s F1 Speaker Look Like Art Mounted on a Wall

#58 – Smart Locational Device Trackers - technology - Smart Locational Device Trackers The TrackR ‘pixel’ Efficiently Locates Essential Items

#57 – Lace-Tightening LEGO Machines - technology - Lace-Tightening LEGO Machines This DIY Lego Machine Will Tie Your Shoe Laces for You

#56 – Canned Beer-Enhancing Devices - technology - Canned Beer-Enhancing Devices The Peacher Sonic Beer Foamer Produces a Fresh Draft Flavor

#55 – Stainless Steel Lightning Cables - technology - Stainless Steel Lightning Cables The iClever Metal Lightning Cable is Wrapped in Flexible Steel

#54 – Mosquito Barrier Devices - technology - Mosquito Barrier Devices The Thermacell Backpacker Mosquito Repellers are Ideal for Camping

#53 – Sleep-Encouraging Lights - technology - Sleep-Encouraging Lights The ‘Dodow’ Metronome Light Helps You Fall Asleep 2.5 Times Faster

#52 – Specific Activity-Tracking Wearables - technology - Specific Activity-Tracking Wearables The ‘Memoband’ Tracks the Various Activities You Do Each Day

#51 – Sport Board Activity Trackers - technology - Sport Board Activity Trackers The ‘Trace’ Action Sports Tracker Mounts Directly onto Boards

#50 – Animal-Shaped Digital Assistants - technology - Animal-Shaped Digital Assistants ‘Line’ is Releasing a Range of Adorable Smart Speakers

#49 – Digital Distance-Measuring Devices - technology - Digital Distance-Measuring Devices The ‘Pioneering P1’ Laser Distance Meter Ensures Accuracy

#48 – Hair-Protecting Dryers - technology - Hair-Protecting Dryers The ‘SYLPH’ Hair Dryer is Compact and Ideal for Travel or Everyday Use

#47 – Affordable Beryllium Earphones - technology - Affordable Beryllium Earphones The Starbrick Be4 Earphones Make Use of Precious Metal

#46 – Sleep Diagnostic Wearables - technology - Sleep Diagnostic Wearables ‘Eversleep’ is a Sleep Tracker That Coaches You to a Restful Sleep

#45 – Smartphone Notification Night Lights - technology - Smartphone Notification Night Lights The ‘Aumi Mini’ Smart Light Works in Any USB Port

#44 – Portable Universal Chargers - technology - Portable Universal Chargers The Uppel Worldwide Travel Charger Works in Over 50 Countries

#43 – Port Expansion Monitor Stands - technology - Port Expansion Monitor Stands The ProBASE Stand Acts as a Base for Your Monitor and More

#42 – Responsive Smart Speakers - technology - Responsive Smart Speakers The Apple HomePod is a Smart Speaker That Assists with Siri

#41 – Swing-Analyzing Golf Smartwatches - technology - Swing-Analyzing Golf Smartwatches The Garmin Approach S60 Smartwatch is Stylish and Advanced

#40 – Smart Light Bulb Speakers - technology - Smart Light Bulb Speakers The Sound Bulb Speaker Emits Both Light and Audio

#39 – Activity-Tracking Office Furniture - technology - Activity-Tracking Office Furniture Herman Miller’s Live OS Gives Companies Insight on Their Spaces

#38 – Senior Diagnosis Devices - technology - Senior Diagnosis Devices The ‘Cord’ Could Replace the Active Stand Test to Keep Seniors Safe

#37 – Infant Sleep-Encouraging Devices - technology - Infant Sleep-Encouraging Devices The ‘Baby Shusher’ Lulls Infants to Sleep with Rhythmic Soothing

#36 – Radio-Interfering Bike Bells - technology - Radio-Interfering Bike Bells The Smart Bell by AXA Can Be Heard from Inside Nearby Vehicles

#35 – Conceptual Smartphone Radio Cases - technology - Conceptual Smartphone Radio Cases The Walkie-Talkie iPhone Case Offers Communication and Power

#34 – Custom Cleaning Mode Toothbrushes - technology - Custom Cleaning Mode Toothbrushes The Oral B Precision Black 7000 Toothbrush Guides Users Along

#33 – Handmade Hifi Speakers - technology - Handmade Hifi Speakers The Audio House Modern Boombox Boasts Bluetooth Connectivity and More

#32 – Efficient Cooling Mattress Pads - technology - Efficient Cooling Mattress Pads The Cool Buddy Air Conditioned Mattress Pad Saves Energy at Night

#31 – Halitosis-Monitoring Devices - technology - Halitosis-Monitoring Devices The Philips Sonicare Breath Care Kit Improves Oral Health

#30 – Scalp-Stimulating Massagers - technology - Scalp-Stimulating Massagers The ReFa Grace Head Spa Offers a Scalp Massage to Promote Healthy Skin

#29 – Continuous Monitoring Wristbands - technology - Continuous Monitoring Wristbands The Polar A370 Fitness Tracker Monitors Your Heart Rate 24/7

#28 – Foot Pedal Faucet Controllers - technology - Foot Pedal Faucet Controllers The ‘ecopedal’ Turns on the Faucet with a Single Step

#27 – Tire Pressure-Monitoring Devices - technology - Tire Pressure-Monitoring Devices The ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor Warns Drivers of Problems

#26 – Universal Laptop Charging Adapters - technology - Universal Laptop Charging Adapters The ‘AnyWatt’ Adapter Charges Your Laptop with Any Charger

#25 – Spherical Multimedia Controllers - technology - Spherical Multimedia Controllers The ‘Hale Orb’ is a Remote for Browsing Photos and Video

#24 – Watch-Upgrading Buckles - technology - Watch-Upgrading Buckles The ‘Smart Buckle’ Converts Any Timepiece into a Smartwatch

#23 – Levitating Portable Lamps - technology - Levitating Portable Lamps The ‘Air Lamp’ Offers Illumination and Charges Your Devices via USB

#22 – L-Shaped Curling Irons - technology - L-Shaped Curling Irons Hot Tools’ CurlBar Promises to Help Style Hair with Less Arm Strain

#21 – Studio Sound-Quality Receivers - technology - Studio Sound-Quality Receivers The ‘EarStudio’ Bluetooth Audio Receiver Enables 24bit Sound

#20 – Off-the-Grid Battery Packs - technology - Off-the-Grid Battery Packs The NOCO External Battery Packs are Ruggedly Designed for the Outdoors

#19 – Wallet-Sized Smartphone Chargers - technology - Wallet-Sized Smartphone Chargers KADO is an Ultra-Thin Mobile Charger That Tops Up Devices Quickly

#18 – Proactive Digital Home Assistants - technology - Proactive Digital Home Assistants The ‘Essential Home’ Limits Data Sent to the Cloud

#17 – Energy-Generating Chargers - technology - Energy-Generating Chargers The ‘Snow Energy’ Charger Creates Power with a Thermoelectric Generator

#16 – Voice-Enabled Smart Plugs - technology - Voice-Enabled Smart Plugs The ‘intelliPLUG’ WiFi Smart Plug Requires No Hub to be Used

#15 – Educational Electric Toothbrushes - technology - Educational Electric Toothbrushes The Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Toothbrush Offers Real-Time Feedback

#14 – Connected Garden Irrigators - technology - Connected Garden Irrigators The ‘Smart Gardener’ Indoor Watering System Keeps Plants Hydrated

#13 – Dual-PC Mouses - technology - Dual-PC Mouses The Logitech MX Master 2S Mouse Shifts Between Different Devices

#12 – Noise-Cancelling Earbuds - technology - Noise-Cancelling Earbuds The Beoplay E4 Headphones Are Controlled With Gestures

#11 – Security-Focused Smart Lighting - technology - Security-Focused Smart Lighting Wink Bright’s ‘Home Sitter’ Features Provides Peace of Mind

#10 – At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits - technology - At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits Allwithone’s Product Offers Professional Results in Just 30 Minutes

#9 – Smart Hotel Rooms - technology - Smart Hotel Rooms Best Western is Experimenting with Adding Amazon Dot to Suites

#8 – Dual-Nozzle 3D Printer Pens - technology - Dual-Nozzle 3D Printer Pens The ‘Scribbler DUO’ Creates Detailed Projects

#7 – Cellphone Brand Health Wearables - technology - Cellphone Brand Health Wearables The Nokia Health Product Line Includes Two New Devices

#6 – Elegant Hybrid Smartwatches - technology - Elegant Hybrid Smartwatches The Roxford Smartwatch Has a Sleek Yet Functional Design

#5 – Rugged Gamer Keyboards - technology - Rugged Gamer Keyboards The Corsair K68 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Resists Spills and Dust

#4 – Lightweight Magnetic Speakers - technology - Lightweight Magnetic Speakers The Gemini Speaker Duo Can Be Attached to Anything Metallic

#3 – Discreet Home Automation Lamps - technology - Discreet Home Automation Lamps The ‘COVI’ Smart Home Hubs Blend Seamlessly into the Home

#2 – Item-Analyzing Spectrometers - technology - Item-Analyzing Spectrometers The Stratio ‘LinkSquare SDK’ Analyzes for Color and Authenticity

#1 – Facial Recognition Home Cameras - technology - Facial Recognition Home Cameras The Nest ‘Cam IQ’ Security Camera Continuously Monitors Your Home


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