52 Traffic-Reducing Initiatives

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#52 – Personal Commuter Helicopters

beinemotion.com - transport - Personal Commuter Helicopters The Workhorse Surefly Urban Helicopter Simplifies Morning Commutes

#51 – Fashionable Electric Vehicles

beinemotion.com - transport - Fashionable Electric Vehicles Pix Presents Electromobility in the Most Aesthetically Pleasing Form

#50 – Hyperloop Transportation Pods

beinemotion.com - transport - Hyperloop Transportation Pods The MIT Hyperloop Pod Would Carry Passengers and/or Cargo

#49 – Dynamic Traffic Cones

beinemotion.com - transport - Dynamic Traffic Cones These LED Pylons Are Highly Visible at Night and Entirely Eco-Friendly

#48 – Traffic-Alleviating Elevated Buses

beinemotion.com - transport - Traffic-Alleviating Elevated Buses China’s TEB-1 is a Bus That Allows Cars to Pass Underneath It

#47 – Cost-Effective Hyperloop Pods

beinemotion.com - transport - Cost-Effective Hyperloop Pods The Waterloop Goose X Passenger Vehicle Design is Exceptional

#46 – Smart Electric Scooters

beinemotion.com - transport - Smart Electric Scooters The Unu Electric Scooter Delivers Top Speed No Matter the Charge Level

#45 – Underground Car Tubes

beinemotion.com - transport - Underground Car Tubes The CarTube Concept is a Public Transit Infrastructure Idea

#44 – Infrastructure-Altering Rail Startups

beinemotion.com - transport - Infrastructure-Altering Rail Startups Eco-Friendly Locomore Offers Cheap Train Tickets in Germany

#43 – Hyperloop Highway Vehicles

beinemotion.com - transport - Hyperloop Highway Vehicles The ‘Hornet’ Car Vehicle Design is an Automobile of the Future

#42 – Hydrogen Turbine Trains

beinemotion.com - transport - Hydrogen Turbine Trains The ‘Spacetrain’ Enhances Ground Travel with a Lightweight Design

#41 – Two-Wheeled Delivery Robots

beinemotion.com - transport - Two-Wheeled Delivery Robots Teletretail is Developing an Automated Robot for the Roads

#40 – Zero-Emission Hydrogen Trains

beinemotion.com - transport - Zero-Emission Hydrogen Trains Alstom’s Coradia iLint Train is Powered by a Hydrogen Fuel Cell

#39 – Living Green Bridges

beinemotion.com - transport - Living Green Bridges This Organic Structure Provides a Safe Path for Wildlife in Seoul

#38 – Underwater Shipping Systems

beinemotion.com - transport - Underwater Shipping Systems Hyperloop One Increases Transportation Efficiency in Urban Waterways

#37 – Lighted Pedestrians Crosswalks

beinemotion.com - transport - Lighted Pedestrians Crosswalks ‘Lighted Zebra Crossing’ is a Safe Road Feature in the Netherlands

#36 – Pedestrian-Powered Street Lights

beinemotion.com - transport - Pedestrian-Powered Street Lights These Solar Street Lights Are Placed in Tourist-Filled Las Vegas

#35 – Safety-Enforcing Crosswalk Gates

beinemotion.com - transport - Safety-Enforcing Crosswalk Gates China’s Jaywalking Turnstiles Prevent Crossing Against the Light

#34 – Semi-Autonomous Transport Pods

beinemotion.com - transport - Semi-Autonomous Transport Pods Einride’s Vehicles of the Future Offer Autonomous & Remote Controls

#33 – Off-Road Electric Longboards

beinemotion.com - transport - Off-Road Electric Longboards The ‘Flex-Eboard’ Longboard Has a Flexible Deck and More

#32 – Electric Flying Quads

beinemotion.com - transport - Electric Flying Quads The Neva AirQuadOne Flying Vehicle is the First of Its Kind

#31 – Solar-Powered Bike Lanes

beinemotion.com - transport - Solar-Powered Bike Lanes A Polish Engineering Firm Developed a Luminous Solar-Powered Bike Path

#30 – Pavement-Level Traffic Lights

beinemotion.com - transport - Pavement-Level Traffic Lights These Lights for Pedestrians Were Introduced for Smartphone Users

#29 – Space-Saving Urban Vehicles

beinemotion.com - transport - Space-Saving Urban Vehicles The ‘Car2Go’ Automobile Concept Stands Up When Parked to Save Space

#28 – Sensor-Packed Electric Scooters

beinemotion.com - transport - Sensor-Packed Electric Scooters The Nilox Doc Pro 2 Scooter is a Connected Last Mile Travel Option

#27 – Groundbreaking Solar Panel Roads

beinemotion.com - transport - Groundbreaking Solar Panel Roads France Has Built the World’s First Solar-Powered Road

#26 – Rapid Tube-Based Commuting

beinemotion.com - transport - Rapid Tube-Based Commuting Hyperloop One Hopes to Connect Helinski to Stockholm in 30 Minutes

#25 – eCommerce Delivery Trains

beinemotion.com - transport - eCommerce Delivery Trains The Amazon ‘Iris’ Trains Expand Existing Infrastructure for Delivery

#24 – Electric Car Charging Towers

beinemotion.com - transport - Electric Car Charging Towers Ennead Architects’ Car Charging Tower Could Replace Gas Stations

#23 – High-Speed Hotel Pods

beinemotion.com - transport - High-Speed Hotel Pods The Hyperloop Hotel Lets You Travel Between Cities Without Leaving Your Room

#22 – Single-Person Travel Pods

beinemotion.com - transport - Single-Person Travel Pods ‘rLoop’ Offers a Fast and Cost-Effective Way for One Person to Travel

#21 – Traffic-Updating Buses

beinemotion.com - transport - Traffic-Updating Buses Transport for London Now Has Buses with Real-Time Traffic Updates

#20 – Modular Self-Driving Vehicles

beinemotion.com - transport - Modular Self-Driving Vehicles The ‘EDIT’ Self-Driving Electric Car Can Suit Differing Needs

#19 – Safe Turning Intersections

beinemotion.com - transport - Safe Turning Intersections ‘Continuous Flow Intersections’ Speed Up Traffic and Reduce Accidents

#18 – Quick-Charging Electric Buses

beinemotion.com - transport - Quick-Charging Electric Buses Hyundai’s ‘Elec City’ Bus is Fully Charged in Just Over an Hour

#17 – Optimal Traffic Light Detectors

beinemotion.com - transport - Optimal Traffic Light Detectors Audi’s Traffic Light Information System Helps You Hit Green Lights

#16 – Honking Traffic Sensors

beinemotion.com - transport - Honking Traffic Sensors #RoadsthatHonk Uses Smart Road Sensors to Make Hairpin Bends Safer

#15 – Intelligent Traffic Light Systems

beinemotion.com - transport - Intelligent Traffic Light Systems These Traffic Lights Can Be ‘Hacked’ by the Elderly

#14 – Interactive Traffic Map

beinemotion.com - transport - Interactive Traffic Map Interactive Map Steers You Clear of Los Angeles’ Most Dangerous Roads

#13 – Bluetooth Traffic Sensors

beinemotion.com - transport - Bluetooth Traffic Sensors Montreal is Using Mobile Devices and Sensors for Traffic Monitoring

#12 – Countdown Traffic Lights

beinemotion.com - transport - Countdown Traffic Lights The ‘FIK’ City Traffic Lights Indicate How Much Time is Left on a Stage

#11 – Radio-Interrupting Ambulances

beinemotion.com - transport - Radio-Interrupting Ambulances This Emergency Vehicle Alert System Hijacks Car Radios in Sweden

#10 – Autonomous Public Transportation Systems

beinemotion.com - transport - Autonomous Public Transportation Systems BIG and Hyperloop One Will Build Hyperloop Pods in Dubai

#9 – Traffic-Alleviating Apps

beinemotion.com - transport - Traffic-Alleviating Apps The Darb App Offers Route Alternatives to Reduce Traffic Congestion

#8 – Multi-Level Car Tunnels

beinemotion.com - transport - Multi-Level Car Tunnels Elon Musk’s ‘The Boring Company’ is Creatively Tackling Traffic Jams

#7 – Traffic-Avoiding Car Apps

beinemotion.com - transport - Traffic-Avoiding Car Apps Waze for Android Auto Brings the App to Your Car’s Infotainment System

#6 – Integrated Mapping Apps

beinemotion.com - transport - Integrated Mapping Apps The OneMap App Combines Map Services With Traffic Updates

#5 – Autonomous Garbage Trucks

beinemotion.com - transport - Autonomous Garbage Trucks Volvo is Testing Out an Autonomous Waste Collection Vehicle

#4 – Jaywalking Prevention Sensors

beinemotion.com - transport - Jaywalking Prevention Sensors France Is Using Motion Sensors to Stop Pedestrians from Jaywalking

#3 – Congestion-Fighting Traffic Apps

beinemotion.com - transport - Congestion-Fighting Traffic Apps The VicRoads App Alerts Drivers to Road and Traffic Conditions

#2 – Cyclist Traffic Light Sensors

beinemotion.com - transport - Cyclist Traffic Light Sensors The Spring Lab Flo Sensor Helps Cyclists Catch Green Lights

#1 – Folding Electric Bikes

beinemotion.com - transport - Folding Electric Bikes Brompton Electric’s Collapsible Electric Bike is Portable and Sturdy


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