40 Millennial Housing Innovations

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#40 – Converted Van DIYs

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Filmmaker Zach Both Shows How to Transform a Van Into a Modern Apartment

#39 – Prebuilt Mobile Dwellings

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs These Small Mobile Homes are Delivered Ready to Live in

#38 – Hidden Bed Apartments

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Conceptual Apartment from Geometrium Features a Stair-Embedded Bed

#37 – Space-Saving Tiny Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Vista Tiny Home’s Layout Allows Occupants to Maximize Space

#36 – Mobile Vacation Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Hristina Hristova’s Mini Vacation Home is a Small House on Wheels

#35 – Scrap Material Micro Houses

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Tiny Home is Made from Garbage and Recycled Materials

#34 – Doorless Apartment Designs

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The One Apartment Design Project Takes Open-Concept to the Next Level

#33 – Multi-Functional Condo Furniture

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The ‘CityHome’ is Described as an « Apartment in a Box »

#32 – Cavernous Tiny Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Odyssee Home’s Layout Aims to Maximize Available Space

#31 – Dorm-Inspired Dwellings

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Collective Old Oak London Residence will Provide a Co-Living Option

#30 – Upwardly-Oriented Condos

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Domino Micro Loft Incorporates Upward Space for Comfy Living

#29 – Cat-Friendly Apartment Designs

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘Loft H’ Makes the Most of Limited Space for an Owner and Two Cats

#28 – Mini House Homeshare Promotions

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Kinetohaus Airbnb Rental Provides a Taste of Tiny House Living

#27 – Prefab Outdoor Cork Cabins

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The ‘Ecocubo’ Nature Cabin is Crafted Using Eco-Friendly Materials

#26 – Massive Indoor Treehouses

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘Another Primitive Hut’ is Based on an 18th Century Design Concept

#25 – Accessible Tiny Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Wheel Pad Offers Accommodation for People with Mobility Issues

#24 – Modular Small Space Kitchens

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The ‘Kitch’T’ Linear Kitchen Makes the Most of Small Living Quarters

#23 – Rental Bidding Apps

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Rentberry is a Rental Application Platfrom That is Advantageous to Landlords

#22 – Compact Condo Buildings

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Ivy Lofts’ Micro Condo Units Allow For Affordable Urban Living

#21 – Micro Apartment Decor Retailers

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘Ollie Box Shop’ Sells Curated Products for Small Living Spaces

#20 – Shared Living Space Services

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘CoHo Stayz’ Offers Long-Term Stay to Millennials and Professionals

#19 – Home Rental Matchmaking Applications

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Airbnb’s New Matching Feature Helps Pair Travelers with Hosts

#18 – Immersive Interior Design Services

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘Emb3d’ Uses AR and VR for Home Planning Visualizations

#17 – Connected Co-Living Cottages

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Himalayan Retreat Promotes Responsibly Connected Tourism

#16 – Millennial Real Estate Apps

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘Chymnee’ is an App That Targets Generation Y Real Estate Buying

#15 – Vivid 3D Home Tours

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs GeoCV Saves Time and Money on Open Houses

#14 – Youth-Targeted Rental Apartments

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘Wowqu’ Has Co-Living Spaces in Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Beijing

#13 – Co-Living Roommate Apps

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The ‘Roomi’ App Helps Users Find Roommates that Match with Them

#12 – Shared Luxury Lodgings

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Ollie Lets Groups Split the Costs of Spaces and Amenities

#11 – Personality-Based Roommate Services

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘room.me’ Connects Those Interested in Shared Living Spaces

#10 – Cost-Splitting Roommate Apps

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Splittable Helps Users Distribute Living Costs and Duties Effectively

#9 – Community Down Payment Programs

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Landed Helps with Crowdfunding Real Estate Down Payments

#8 – Roommate-Finding Apps

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘Zaparoom’ Streamlines the Process of Finding a Roommate

#7 – Multimedia House-Hunting Apps

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The ‘Trulia’ App Lets Users Shop for Their New Home on an Apple TV

#6 – Communal Renting Apps

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The ‘LiveWith’ Rental App Connects World-Be Roommates Together

#5 – Roommate-Recruiting Apps

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Koala Roomie App Helps Millennials In New York City Find Roommates

#4 – Renter-Friendly Lock Systems

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs HomeAway and August are Partnering to Make Rental Security Easier

#3 – Neighborhood News Widgets

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Hoodline’s Neighborhood Kit Lets Real Estate Agents Keep Buyers Informed

#2 – Friendly Roommate Finders

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Circle App Lets You Search for Roommates Within Your Friend Network

#1 – Matchmaking Roommate Platforms

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘Ideal Flatmate’ Matches Renters Looking for Share a Loft in London


Source : TrendHunter.com

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