30 Examples of Bike Safety Innovations

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#30 – Smart LED Helmet Lights

beinemotion.com - transport - Smart LED Helmet Lights The ‘Brake Free’ Helmet Lights are Ideal for Motorcyclists

#29 – Space-Highlighting Bike Lights

beinemotion.com - transport - Space-Highlighting Bike Lights Michelin’s ‘Bikesphere’ Protects Cyclists with a Red Ring of Lasers

#28 – Collapsible Bike-Share Helmets

beinemotion.com - transport - Collapsible Bike-Share Helmets EcoHelmet is an Affordable Way to Keep a Helmet Available

#27 – Pedal-Mounted Turn Signals

beinemotion.com - transport - Pedal-Mounted Turn Signals The ‘Bicycle Winker’ Makes Cycling Safer with Clear Turn Signals

#26 – 360-Degree Helmet Cameras

beinemotion.com - transport - 360-Degree Helmet Cameras The ‘Real720Helmet’ Helmet Cam is Omnidirectional to Capture Everything

#25 – Illuminating Safety Helmet Lights

beinemotion.com - transport - Illuminating Safety Helmet Lights The ‘Smart Helmet’ Illuminates Frontwards and Backwards

#24 – Illuminating Cycling Helmets

beinemotion.com - transport - Illuminating Cycling Helmets Lumos’ Smart Tech Helmet Ensures Visibility on the Road

#23 – Shock-Absorbing Bike Tires

beinemotion.com - transport - Shock-Absorbing Bike Tires The ‘Soft Creeper’ Conceptual Bike Tires Bend Rather Than Blow Out

#22 – Bicycle Gravel Guards

beinemotion.com - transport - Bicycle Gravel Guards This FLECTR Design is Like a Windshield Protector for One’s Bike

#21 – Multi-Position Bike Lights

beinemotion.com - transport - Multi-Position Bike Lights The Fabric USB Bike Light is Completely Adjustable for Optimal Lighting

#20 – Baseball Cap Helmets

beinemotion.com - transport - Baseball Cap Helmets Park and Diamond’s Collapsible Helmet Disguises Itself as a Baseball Cap

#19 – Motorcyclist-Specific Anti-Pollution Masks

beinemotion.com - transport - Motorcyclist-Specific Anti-Pollution Masks The R-Pur Mask Was Designed For People Who Bike

#18 – Whimsical Bicycle Bells

beinemotion.com - transport - Whimsical Bicycle Bells Knog’s ‘Oi Bicycle Bell’ Sounds Like a Wind Chime

#17 – Cyclist Helmet Turn Signals

beinemotion.com - transport - Cyclist Helmet Turn Signals The ‘Rider Tech’ LED Signal Light Fits on the Rear of Safety Helmets

#16 – Crash-Detecting Helmets

beinemotion.com - transport - Crash-Detecting Helmets The Coros Linx Smart Helmet Combines Safety and Entertainment Features

#15 – Foldable Bike Helmets

beinemotion.com - transport - Foldable Bike Helmets ‘Morphr’ is a Portable Helmet That Can Fold Flat to Fit in Your Backpack

#14 – Lightweight Bike Wheel Lights

beinemotion.com - transport - Lightweight Bike Wheel Lights The Wheely Bicycle Light Offers Compact Nighttime Bike Safety

#13 – Illuminating GPS Bicycles

beinemotion.com - transport - Illuminating GPS Bicycles The Mission Bicycle Company ‘Lyra’ Bike is Well-Equipped with Tech

#12 – Solar-Powered Bike Lanes

beinemotion.com - transport - Solar-Powered Bike Lanes A Polish Engineering Firm Developed a Luminous Solar-Powered Bike Path

#11 – Accelerometer Bike Lights

beinemotion.com - transport - Accelerometer Bike Lights The Fabric FLR30 Bike Brake Light Responds to Your Actions

#10 – Responsive Bike Helmets

beinemotion.com - transport - Responsive Bike Helmets The Classon Helmet Will Inform the Wearer If They’re in a Car’s Blind Spot

#9 – Radio-Interfering Bike Bells

beinemotion.com - transport - Radio-Interfering Bike Bells The Smart Bell by AXA Can Be Heard from Inside Nearby Vehicles

#8 – Detachable Helmet Headphones

beinemotion.com - transport - Detachable Helmet Headphones The Unit 1 ‘Soundsheild’ Headband Headphones are Multipurpose

#7 – Ultra-Bright Bicycle Lights

beinemotion.com - transport - Ultra-Bright Bicycle Lights The ‘Fire Cannon’ Bike Flashlight Offers a Staggering 2,400 Lumens

#6 – Thief-Proof Bike Racks

beinemotion.com - transport - Thief-Proof Bike Racks Portland’s Bike Racks are Designed So Bike Thieves Can’t Cut Through Them

#5 – Smart Bike Rack Systems

beinemotion.com - transport - Smart Bike Rack Systems Bikeep Smart Bike Rack Connects to You Phone to Safely Lock Your Bike

#4 – Rear Helmet Signal Lights

beinemotion.com - transport - Rear Helmet Signal Lights The ‘Cosmo Connected’ Helmet Accessory Improves Safety for Riders

#3 – Helmet-Mounted Sports Sensors

beinemotion.com - transport - Helmet-Mounted Sports Sensors The Phipal Tracks Both Performance and Safety Parameters

#2 – GPS-Connected Handlebars

beinemotion.com - transport - GPS-Connected Handlebars This Connected Bike Part Prevents Cyclists from Getting Lost

#1 – Concussion-Preventing Helmets

beinemotion.com - transport - Concussion-Preventing Helmets This Helmet and Shoulder Pad Technology Proactively Detects Impact


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