TOP 65 Innovative Burger Menus – Mc Donads n’a qu’à bien se tenir !

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Voici la liste des 65 hamburgers innovants selon TrendsHunter :

#65 – Bright Blue Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This X-Men-Themed Burger in Australia Features Unusual Blue Burger Buns

#64 – Secret Celebratory Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs A foodora Burger’s Priest Pop-Up Hit Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver

#63 – Melted Cheese Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Maxwell’s in London Serves the ‘Cheesebomb’ Burger with a Mug of Cheese

#62 – Over-the-Top Burger Shops - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs California-Based ‘GD Bro Burger’ Serves Up Colorful Comfort Food

#61 – Burger-Dispensing ATMs - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The ‘Big Mac ATM’ Offers a New Way to Order a McDonald’s Burger

#60 – Thriller-Themed Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Eggos Waffle Burger is One of Many Stranger Things Menu Items

#59 – Resized Fast Food Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Iconic McDonald’s Big Mac Burger Now Comes in Two New Sizes

#58 – Breakfast Pancake Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Eggs ‘N Things is Sharing Unusual In-House Recipes with the Public

#57 – Lavish Gold Leaf Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Chef Diego Buik’s Newest Creation is the World’s Most Expensive Burger

#56 – Collaborative Chef-Crafted Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The New Son of a Gun Chick’n Shack Was Created by Two LA Chefs

#55 – Mushroom-Blended Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Sonic Burger Blends Mushrooms and Beef for a Smaller Carbon Footprint

#54 – Zombie-Inspired Burger Buns - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Burger King Singapore is Celebrating Halloween with Its Zom-B Burgers

#53 – Big Game Burger Boxes - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘The Burger’s Priest’s’ Super Bowl Special Can Feed a Whole Party

#52 – BBQ Rib-Topped Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Baby Back Rib Burger is Indulgent

#51 – Peppery Chicken Sandwiches - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Jack in the Box is Offers a New Twist on Its Spicy Chicken Sandwich

#50 – Premium Pub-Style Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs TGI Fridays’ New ‘Bar Burger’ Lineup Features Premium Ingredients

#49 – Meatless Burger Menus - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Swedish Fast Food Chain ‘Max’ Now Sells Four Meatless ‘Max Green Burgers

#48 – Hybrid Pizza Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Harvey’s New Pizza Burger Combines a Beef Patty with Cheese and Pepperoni

#47 – Premium BBQ Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Shake Shack Limited-Edition Dishes are Made with Shack BBQ Sauce

#46 – New York Bagel Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Mcdonald’s New Bagel Supreme Has Two Patties, Bacon, and Coleslaw

#45 – Burger Burrito Restaurants - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Burgrito’s in New York is Named After a Burger Burrito Mashup

#44 – Indulgent Bread-Free Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The ‘Wild Out’ Bunless Burger from Shake Tree Has Minimal Carbs

#43 – Foodie-Satisfying Diner Menus - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Johnny Rockets Spring Menu Features Artisan Creations

#42 – Ghoulish Burger Menus - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Wayback Burgers is Offering Ghostbuster-Themed Menu Items This October

#41 – Exclusive Anniversary Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Delectable Shake Shack Japan Burger is Available for One Day

#40 – Indulgent Christmas Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Holiday-Themed Burger is Being Offered by KFC

#39 – Social Media Star Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Umami Burger Has Teamed Up with Cameron Dallas to Create a New Burger

#38 – Gourmet Fish Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Carl’s Jr. is Serving Up a New Charbroiled Salmon Sandwich for Lent

#37 – Fresh Mozzarella Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Applebee’s New Caprese Mozzarella Burger is a Craveable New Dish

#36 – Posh Rat Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Moscow’s ‘Krasnodar Bistro’ Serves Burger Made from River Rat Meat

#35 – Savory Hanukkah Sandwiches - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Burger King Israel is Celebrating Hanukkah with the SufganiKing Burger

#34 – International Burger Menus - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World Menu Features Global Ingredients

#33 – Festive Truffle Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Red Robin’s Billion Dollar Baby Burger Features Truffle-flavored Cheese

#32 – Ketchup-Filled Donut Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Burger King Created a New Whopper in Celebration of Hanukkah

#31 – Gargantuan Donut Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Hard Rock Cafe is Offering Two Tasty Donut Burgers for National Donut Day

#30 – Korean Cuisine Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Carl’s Jr. Korean BBQ Burger Features Beef and Coleslaw

#29 – Reformulated Crispy Chicken Sandwiches - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Burger King’s New Sandwich Puts a Twist on a Classic Dish

#28 – Wholemeal Fresh Chicken Sandwiches - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Supermac’s is Prepared Fresh

#27 – Australia-Style Bacon Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs KFC Australia’s New Bacon Lovers Burger is Made with Back Bacon

#26 – Fried Egg-Topped Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Burger King France’s New Egg Burger is Topped with a Sunny Side Up Egg

#25 – Hearty Plant-Based Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Umami Burger is Now Serving the Impossible Burger by Impossible Foods

#24 – Patriotic Anniversary Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The ‘Confederation Burger’ from Burger’s Priest Honors Canada 150

#23 – Macaroni Shimp Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs McDonald’s Japan’s Prawn and Macaroni Croquette is Back in Restaurants

#22 – Pickle-Marinated Chicken Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Fixe Restaurant Offers a Burger with Southern Inspirations

#21 – Asian-Inspired Fast Food Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Shanghai Whopper from Burger King India is a Flavorful Option

#20 – Jalapeno-Stuffed Hamburger Patties - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Works’ Big Popper Burger Features a Spicy Center

#19 – Bacon Butter-Infused Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Jack in the Box Triple Bacon Buttery Jack Burger is Indulgent

#18 – Poutine-Packed Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Carl’s Jr. Poutine Thickburger is Available Exclusively in Canada

#17 – Prosciutto-Topped Chicken Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Chicken Milanese Sandwich at Alimento is Superbly Balanced

#16 – Colorful Halloween Burger Buns - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Burger King’s Orange Halloween Whopper Resembles a Festive Pumpkin

#15 – Holiday-Inspired Turkey Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Back Yard Burgers is Putting a Twist on Thanksgiving Dinner

#14 – Fiery Cajun-Style Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Sonic’s New Kickin’ Cajun Cheeseburger Features Spicy Creole Seasoning

#13 – Revamped Fast Food Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs McDonald’s Japan is Reimagining the Big Mac with Its New Texas Burger

#12 – Kidney Bean Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs McDonald’s is Now Serving the Vegetarian-Friendly ‘Veggie McSpice’ in Norway

#11 – Juicy Barbecue Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The New BBQ Bacon Big Buford is Oozing with Smoky BBQ Sauce

#10 – Salty Egg-Based Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Wendy’s Malaysia is Using Salted Egg Yolks in Its New Burger

#9 – Chicken Burger Remixes - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs McDonald’s Released a Chicken Big Mac in Select Countries

#8 – Buttermilk Chicken Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Habit Burger Grill Golden Chicken Sandwiches are Made-to-Order

#7 – Beer-Infused Cheeseburgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Budweiser Brew House Bacon Cheeseburger Features Boozy Toppings

#6 – Spicy Seafood Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs McDonald’s South Korea is Serving Up Burgers Featuring Shrimp-Based Patties

#5 – Loaded Bacon Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Burger King’s New Bacon King Burger Features a Generous Helping of Bacon

#4 – Plant-Based Pulled Pork Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Soul Burger’s Pulled Pork BBQ Burger is Made with Jackfruit

#3 – Bacon-Topped Chicken Sandwiches - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Wendy’s Asiago Ranch Chicken Club Features All-White Meat

#2 – Meatless Bean Sliders - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Newest White Castle Slider Has a Black Bean Patty from Dr. Praeger’s

#1 – Monstrous Father’s Day Burgers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘The Almighty’ Burger is a Meaty Father’s Day Treat for Hungry Dads

Merci d'être ici et n'oublie pas de partager ce post si tu as aimé !
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