50 Prefab Home Designs

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#50 – Prefabricated Eco-Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Deltec Offers Affordable Houses Made from Sustainable Materials

#49 – Portable Prefabricated Rooms

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Expand Your Home Space with Inoutside’s Prefabricated Buildings

#48 – Stilted Solar Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Sustainable ZED Pods Can Be Installed in Parking Lots

#47 – Prefabricated Guest Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Tiny Guest House Has All the Basic Amenities of Most Houses

#46 – Eco Prefab Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Wood House by ArchiBlox Features a Green Roof and Sustainable Wood

#45 – Portable Box Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The ‘Teeny Box’ is a Prefabricated Space Made from Reclaimed Materials

#44 – Contemporary Rustic Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Secluded Wildnerness Home Features Touches of Modern Design

#43 – Tiny Prefabricated Houses

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Eco-Friendly Home Can Be Set Up Quickly

#42 – Tiny Prefab Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Big Box Homes Are Highly Sustainable and Eminently Affordable

#41 – High-End Prefab Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Diago Home by J Mayer H Enhances Home Architecture Design Expectations

#40 – Sustainable Prefabricated Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Low-Energy House Was Brought Over to Its Clients with a Crane

#39 – Sustainable Prefab Cabins

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Ark Prefab Cabins Provide a Turnkey Option to Escape the Grind

#38 – Famed Prefab Houses

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘Revolution Precrafted’ Offers Prefab Houses Designed by Big-Name Architects

#37 – Stackable Zero-Energy Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The ‘#150 Skilpod’ is a Stackable Prefab Home for Eco-Friendly Living

#36 – Hobbit-Friendly Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This DIY Prefab Home Lets You Live Like a Hobbit

#35 – Small-Space Yoga Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Small Home on Wheels was Designed for a Yoga Instructor

#34 – Modular Prefab Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Skilpod’s Energy Positive Homes Are Ideal For Singles and Seniors

#33 – Modular Prefabricated Shelters

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The VIMOB Shelters Can Be Assembled In Complicated Areas

#32 – Solar-Powered Eco-Cabins

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs These Resort Cabins Offer An Eco-Friendly Vacation Stay

#31 – Flatpack Recreational Cabins

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Backcountry Hut Company Outdoor Cabins are Prefabricated

#30 – Passive House Factories

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Sustainable Factory’s Design Lives Up to The Company’s Purpose

#29 – Prefabricated Floating Houses

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs These Custom Homes Can Be Shipped to Almost Anywhere in the World

#28 – Austere Hutong Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs People’s Architecture Office Built a Stark Home in a Beijing Hutong

#27 – Sustainable Renovated Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This House from the 1930s Gets Redone and Brought to the Modern Age

#26 – Low-Cost Refugee Camps

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs These Flat-Pack Homes Provide a Long-Term Solution for Housing Refugees

#25 – Prefab Micro Apartments

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs These Tiny Apartments Provide Affordable Housing in Dense Urban Areas

#24 – Outdoorsy Micro Cabins

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs These Micro Cabins Allow Ample Storage Room For Personal Outdoor Vehicles

#23 – Isolated Rectangular Retreats

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘Retreat in Finca Aguy’ is Alone on a Uruguayan Plateau

#22 – Miniature Prefab Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Pin-Up Houses ‘France’ House Can be Assembled in Just Three Hours

#21 – Pre-Fabricated Farm Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Contemporary Estate Stands Out in its Rural Farm Setting

#20 – Accessible Prefab Houses

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs FabCab’s Houses are Accessible Without Looking Too Sterile

#19 – Shipping Container Residences

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Prefrabricated Home Was Designed With Limited Space

#18 – Prefab Outdoor Cork Cabins

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The ‘Ecocubo’ Nature Cabin is Crafted Using Eco-Friendly Materials

#17 – Compact Prefab Apartments

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs New York’s ‘Carmel Place’ is the City’s First Official Micro-Apartment

#16 – Prefabricated Stucco Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Contemporary Home is Split into Two Distinct Wings

#15 – Practical Social Housing Solutions

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs These Prefab Homes Provide Affordable Temporary Housing

#14 – Educational Micro Cabins

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Outward Bound Colorado Chalets Feature a Small-Scale Container Shape

#13 – Prefabricated Parisian Apartments

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs These Prefab Structures Help to Maximize Space in Paris

#12 – Energy-Efficient Flatpack Homes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Prefab House Produces as Much Energy as It Consumes

#11 – Upgraded Plugin Housing

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Prefabricated Modular System Revitalizes an Old Chinese Village

#10 – Prefabricated Hut Designs

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs These Treehouses Were Created With Recycled Timber

#9 – Prefabricated Apartment Units

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The ‘La Casa Por El Tejado’ Project Aims to Combat Urban Sprawl

#8 – Prefab Wood-Clad Preschools

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Vendelso Hage Preschool was a Collaborative Project

#7 – Pre-Fabricated Housing Communities

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The ‘S House 3’ Will Be Used to Make Planned Neighborhoods

#6 – Stacked Shelter Concepts

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Temporary Shelter Features Three Stacked Prefabricated Blocks

#5 – Customizable Prefab Housing

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Bert’s Box Project Uses Reclaimed Materials That are Made to Order

#4 – Prefabricated Cottage Renovations

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This Updated Country Home is Completed With Pre-Made Elements

#3 – Prefab Dining Pavilions

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Volu Dining Pavilion Was Designed By Zaha Hadid

#2 – Prefabricated Solar Classrooms

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs These Prefab Classrooms Feature Solar-Powered Computers

#1 – Prefab Housing Complexes

beinemotion.com - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Live Light’s Urban Housing Unit Introduces Small Prefab Spaces to Boston


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