TOP 40 – Startup – Idée business (Mars 2017)

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#40 – High-Tech Concept Cafes - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘The New Black’ in London is a High-Tech Cafe Oriented at Businesspeople

#39 – Minimal Marijuana Accessories - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Tokyo Smoke and Van der Pop Collection is Elegantly Designed

#38 – Virtual Reality Arcades - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘Ctrl V’ Uses Virtual Reality Technology for a New Kind of Arcade

#37 – B2B Co-Working Spaces - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Unilever Foundry’s ‘Level3’ is a New Co-Working Space in Singapore

#36 – Transactional Smart Mirrors - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Oak Labs’ Retail Mirrors Can Be Used to View and Pay for Products

#35 – Space-Maximizing Airplane Seats - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Side-Slip Seat System Makes the Middle Spot More Desirable

#34 – French-Inspired Fast Food Cafes - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs McDonald’s Concept Cafe in NYC Boasts an Upscale Parisian Vibe

#33 – Printed Solar Cells - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Solafast and Norwood are Teaming Up to Print Solar Inks on to Plastic Film

#32 – Boat Shoe Sandals - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The ‘Dory’ is a sStylish and Breathable Take on the Classic Boat Shoe

#31 – Robotic Cafe Baristas - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘Cafe X’ Features Coffee Prepared by Industrial Robots

#30 – Flavored Mixable Tonic Waters - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Coca Cola’s New Royal Bliss Collection Features Tonic Waters

#29 – Craft Supply Marketplaces - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘Etsy Studio’ is a New Online Destination for Crafters to Buy and Sell

#28 – Alternative Protein Collections - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs MOM’s Organic Market Offers Sauces and Chips Made with Insects

#27 – Cruelty-Free Butcher Shops - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘The Very Good Butchers’ is a New Vegan Butcher Shop in Canada

#26 – Biodegradable Coffee Pods - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs CRU Kafe Offers Guilt-Free, Nespresso-Compatible Single-Serving Pods

#25 – Cubicle Dining Experiences - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Ichiran Ramen Offers the Perfect Design for Anti-Social Food Lovers

#24 – Cricket-Based Pastas - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Bugeater Foods’ Protein Pasta is Enriched with Ground Crickets

#23 – Home Furnishing Gift Registries - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs IKEA is Introducing a Gift Registry Service for Special Occasions

#22 – On-Demand Laundry Services - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Mulberry’s Laundry Offers Service in Minnesota and the Bay Area

#21 – Holographic 3D Printers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Daqri’s Additive Manufacturing Machine Cures with Complex Light Fields

#20 – Drummer Boy Dolls - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Newest American Girl Doll is Logan Everett, the Brand’s First-Ever Boy

#19 – Content-Delivering Pet Apps - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs This On Demand Veterinary Healthcare Platform is Very Informative

#18 – Agricultural-Business Connection Platforms - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs NinjaCart Aims to Reduce Food Waste in India

#17 – Event Countdown Apps - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The WaitingList App Helps You Mark the Time to Any Upcoming Occurence

#16 – Automated Drip Marketing Services - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Drip Marketing Automation Startup Retainly Uses Many Mediums

#15 – Musical Fragrance Marketing - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Moab’s Product Page Uses Spotify Playlists to Describe the Fragrance

#14 – Digital Fan Engagement Trackers - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The Nada Wearable Lets Event Organizers Track Crowd Reactions

#13 – Startup Journalism Platforms - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘ArticleStaff’ is an Online Platform to Pitch Stories to Journalists

#12 – Medical Tourism Platforms - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Vaidam Provides Information About Medicinal Facilities in India

#11 – Templated Email Startups - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs RocketWay Elements Offers a Design-Friendly Email Newsletter Template

#10 – Digital Property Systems - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Bitmark Leverages Blockchain Technology to Protect Your Digital Property

#9 – Personalized Pillow Campaigns - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Eve Mattress is Giving People a Fun Way to Share Love on Valentine’s

#8 – Contactless Payment Sunglasses - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs The ‘WaveShades’ Festival Sunglasses Can Be Tapped on POS Terminals

#7 – Autonomous Cashier Stations - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Panasonic’s Checkout Robot Automatically Scans and Bags Items

#6 – Gender-Neutral Athleisure Apparel - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs Proper Attire US Encourages Comfortable Self-Identification

#5 – Automated Legal Platforms - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs SeedLegals Offers Legal Software for Startups To Close Funding Sooner

#4 – Messenger SaaS Startups - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs In Private Beta, Maqpie Offers a Full-Featured Team Messenger for Web Apps

#3 – Offline Commuter Networks - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘Sociocean’ is an Offline Social Network for Commuters

#2 – 3D-Printed Sports Sunglasses - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs ‘Skelmet’ Makes Lightweight, Bespoke Athletic Eyewear

#1 – Full-Day Ridesharing Services - Design - 20-futuristic-kitchen-designs In India, Uber is Offering ‘UberHire’ for 12-Hour Cab Bookings

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