Top 100 Business Trends in August

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#100 – Celebrity Swimwear Collections - business - Celebrity Swimwear Collections This ‘Kendall + Kylie’ Swimwear Line Features an 80s Aesthetic

#99 – Female-Funded Investment Firms - business - Female-Funded Investment Firms ‘Female Funders’ is a Platform Helping Women Pursue Angel Investing

#98 – Fast Food Salad Shops - business - Fast Food Salad Shops KFC’s K Pro is a Healthy Remix on the Famous Fast Food Restaurant

#97 – Waste-Reduction Cafes - business - Waste-Reduction Cafes Handsome Her Features a Wall with Dozens of Mugs to Take To-Go

#96 – Eco Plant Packaging Concepts - business - Eco Plant Packaging Concepts This Design Concept Re-Imagines How Plants Can be Packaged

#95 – Redesigned Fast Food Chains - business - Redesigned Fast Food Chains Subway Stores Will Now Feature More Modern and Health-Focused Designs

#94 – Pop-Up Dessert Trucks - business - Pop-Up Dessert Trucks The Nutella Food Truck Will Travel Around Australia this Winter

#93 – AI-Controlled Autonomous Trucks - business - AI-Controlled Autonomous Trucks The ‘R-Truck’ Shipping Truck Looks Unlike Anything Seen Before

#92 – Vibrant Nostalgic Food Carts - business - Vibrant Nostalgic Food Carts These Retro Rollbars Serve Soviet-Styled Street Food

#91 – Empowering Footwear Stores - business - Empowering Footwear Stores This ASICS’ Store Concept Helps Consumers Understand Their Own Needs

#90 – Millennial Pink Paper Shops - business - Millennial Pink Paper Shops Papersmiths Shoreditch Occupies a Shipping Container at Boxcar Park

#89 – Transforming Workstation Consoles - business - Transforming Workstation Consoles This Sleek Console Transforms Into a Small Cubicle

#88 – eCommerce Meal Kit Services - business - eCommerce Meal Kit Services The Amazon Meal Kits are Available to AmazonFresh Customers

#87 – Pop-Up Lemonade Stores - business - Pop-Up Lemonade Stores Herschel Supply’s Pop-Up Lemonade Stand Supports Arts Education

#86 – Entrepreneur-Specific Subscription Services - business - Entrepreneur-Specific Subscription Services The FEoNA Box is a Service for Female Entrepreneurs

#85 – Fitness-Fused Retail Stores - business - Fitness-Fused Retail Stores ‘Runner Camp’ Fuses Fitness with Retail in Shanghai

#84 – Pop-Up Sandal Shops - business - Pop-Up Sandal Shops The Pop-Up Birkenstock Store is Located Inside a Shipping Container

#83 – Tech-Enhanced Sous-Vide Tools - business - Tech-Enhanced Sous-Vide Tools The Nise Wave Schedules and Cooks Pre-Programmed Recipes

#82 – Floating Pop-Up Water Parks - business - Floating Pop-Up Water Parks The Rockaway Water Park Offers a Range of Activities

#81 – Fashionista Home Decor Collections - business - Fashionista Home Decor Collections The IKEA Omedelbar Collection was Created with Bea Åkerlund

#80 – Intelligent Vending Machines - business - Intelligent Vending Machines Coca-Cola’s AI Vending Machine Bring Joy to Purchasing a Drink

#79 – Instant Photography Pop-Ups - business - Instant Photography Pop-Ups Polaroid is Marking Its 80th Anniversary with Its First-Ever Pop-Up

#78 – Anti-Inflammatory Cafes - business - Anti-Inflammatory Cafes Dr Smood’s Menu Emphasizes Smart, Dairy-Free Food and Beverages

#77 – Anecdotal Fast Food Packaging - business - Anecdotal Fast Food Packaging The New SONIC Packaging Reveals Illustrations and Brief Stories

#76 – Social Media Restaurant Kits - business - Social Media Restaurant Kits ‘Dirty Bones’ is Providing Guests with ‘Foodie Instagram Packs’

#75 – Architectural Home Rentals - business - Architectural Home Rentals BoutiqueHomes Offers Holiday Rentals in Design-Focused Homes

#74 – Austrian Cheese Bun Shops - business - Austrian Cheese Bun Shops Austrian Cheese Bun Shop Guschlbauer is Opening a Location in Toronto

#73 – Vegan Meal Vending Machines - business - Vegan Meal Vending Machines leCupboard Offers a Healthy, Plant-Based Vending Machine for Food

#72 – Affordable Subscription Meals - business - Affordable Subscription Meals Dinnerly by Marley Spoon is an Affordable Alternative Meal Kit

#71 – Artistic Vacuum-Insulated Bottles - business - Artistic Vacuum-Insulated Bottles Cask Bottles are Able to Regulate Both Hot and Cold Temperatures

#70 – Converted Ocean Plastic Packaging - business - Converted Ocean Plastic Packaging Lush Cosmetics is Seeking Out New Eco-Friendly Packaging Items

#69 – Rapper Merch-Selling Pop-Ups - business - Rapper Merch-Selling Pop-Ups The Location of Damn Pop-Ups Will Coincide With Kendrick Lamar’s Tour

#68 – Low-Cost Household Products - business - Low-Cost Household Products ‘Public Goods’ Offers All of Its Minimally Branded Products at Cost

#67 – Sonically Infused Snack Concepts - business - Sonically Infused Snack Concepts Kouki & Co Has Designed a Unique Conceptual Snack Brand

#66 – One-on-One Mentoring Platforms - business - One-on-One Mentoring Platforms ‘InternStreet’ Works on Project-Based Courses

#65 – Custom Salad Shops - business - Custom Salad Shops Vancouver’s ‘Verdura’ is a Fast-Casual Independent Restaurant

#64 – Cafe Brand Grocery Shops - business - Cafe Brand Grocery Shops Blank Slate Coffee + Kitchen is Creating the ‘Blank Slate Gourmet Market’

#63 – In-Store Meditation Spaces - business - In-Store Meditation Spaces Lululemon Opened an Area for ‘Mindfulosophy’ Within Its NYC Store

#62 – Digital Handbag Kiosks - business - Digital Handbag Kiosks Galeries Lafayette is Simplifying Bag Shopping with NFC Tags and Tables

#61 – Urban Camping Services - business - Urban Camping Services Campspace Lets Users Rent Campgrounds in Urban Environments

#60 – Targeted Miniature Sheet Masks - business - Targeted Miniature Sheet Masks Kocostar Offers Sheet Masks to Specifically Target Problem Areas

#59 – Boozy Big-Brand Ice Creams - business - Boozy Big-Brand Ice Creams The Haagen-Dazs Spirits Collection is Only Available in Canada

#58 – Denim Hijab Casualwear Campaigns - business - Denim Hijab Casualwear Campaigns American Eagle’s Newest Campaign Features the Model Halima Aden

#57 – Small-Footprint Beauty Retailers - business - Small-Footprint Beauty Retailers ‘Sephora Studio’ is a New Store with Same-Day Ordering

#56 – CG Beverage Displays - business - CG Beverage Displays This Dynamic Asahi Beer Sign Calls Consumers Over to Look at Products

#55 – On-the-Go Vodka Cocktails - business - On-the-Go Vodka Cocktails Vrai is a Collection of Refreshing, Vodka-Based Beverages

#54 – Geothermal Heating Start-Ups - business - Geothermal Heating Start-Ups Google’s ‘Dandelion’ Will Use the Earth to Heat and Cool Homes

#53 – Rescued Food Restaurants - business - Rescued Food Restaurants The Newly Opened Rice Bar Turns Food Waste into Delicious Creations

#52 – In-Car Vending Machines - business - In-Car Vending Machines Cargo Lets Uber Drivers Earn Extra Money Selling In-Car Essentials

#51 – Numbered Organic Juice Detoxes - business - Numbered Organic Juice Detoxes Dietox Offers Consumers The Chance to Cleanse Their Bodies

#50 – Fembot-Inspired Retail Stores - business - Fembot-Inspired Retail Stores The Acne Studios Flagship Store in Milan is Futuristic and Feminine

#49 – Student Technology Promotions - business - Student Technology Promotions The Apple Back to School Program is Offering Free Beats Headphones

#48 – Booze-Infused Jams - business - Booze-Infused Jams ‘Drunk Jelly’ Wine-Infused Jam Elevates Any PB & J Sandwich

#47 – Community Dog Cafes - business - Community Dog Cafes Boris & Horton Hosts Dogs for Coffee and Community Events

#46 – Motivation-Enhancing Subscription Boxes - business - Motivation-Enhancing Subscription Boxes The Accomplish Box is Filled with Inspirational Tools

#45 – Anime-Themed Bus Tour Cafes - business - Anime-Themed Bus Tour Cafes This Bus Cafe Visits Locations fro a Popular Anime Film

#44 – Deli-Style QSR Takeout Shops - business - Deli-Style QSR Takeout Shops THE TABLE by KFC will Serve More Wholesome Food to Shoppers

#43 – Hybridized Breakfast Bagels - business - Hybridized Breakfast Bagels The ‘Bagel Doughnut’ Adds a Savory Twist to the Portuguese Malasada

#42 – Female-Focused Entrepreneurial Subscriptions - business - Female-Focused Entrepreneurial Subscriptions The ‘Leader Ship Box’ is Made for Professional Women

#41 – Subscription Startup Platforms - business - Subscription Startup Platforms Subbly Helps Entrepreneurs Set Up Subscription-Based Businesses

#40 – Professional Headshot Services - business - Professional Headshot Services HireClub Headshots are Tailored to Get People the Job

#39 – Working Woman Subscriptions - business - Working Woman Subscriptions The ‘Mogul Box’ is Curated for Female Entrepreneurs

#38 – Residential Delivery Lockers - business - Residential Delivery Lockers The Hub by Amazon Helps Building Residents Securely Collect Goods

#37 – Social Job-Finding Apps - business - Social Job-Finding Apps ‘Jolt Mate’ Uses Your Close Friends to Find Jobs or Share Opportunities

#36 – Japanese Homeware Retailer Hotels - business - Japanese Homeware Retailer Hotels The Ginza MUJI Hotel will Start Welcoming Guests in Spring 2018

#35 – Shoppable Storytelling Services - business - Shoppable Storytelling Services ‘Amazon Spark’ is an Inspirational, Shoppable Platform

#34 – Sustenance-Dispensing Fridges - business - Sustenance-Dispensing Fridges Foodles is a Connected Refrigerator and Vending Machine in One

#33 – Anti-Waiting Dining Apps - business - Anti-Waiting Dining Apps The ‘Tayble’ App Lets You Visit Restaurants without Having to Wait

#32 – Biometric Boarding Pass Replacements - business - Biometric Boarding Pass Replacements Delta is Replacing Boarding Passes with Fingerprint Scans

#31 – Indulgently Topped Restaurant Menus - business - Indulgently Topped Restaurant Menus The Applebee’s ‘Topped & Loaded’ Menu Upgrades Favorites

#30 – Magical Escape Rooms - business - Magical Escape Rooms This Harry Potter Escape Room Takes Participants Through an Adventure

#29 – Conceptual Succulent Planting Kits - business - Conceptual Succulent Planting Kits Succulence Allows Consumers to Decorate Their Own Succulents

#28 – Fashionable Diaper Bags - business - Fashionable Diaper Bags The Diaper Bag Offers a Stylish and Functional Bag for Parents of Infants

#27 – Petite Independent Fashion Sites - business - Petite Independent Fashion Sites Each Piece of Clothing on ‘Stature’ is Tailored for Petite Women

#26 – Seamless Social Media Storytelling - business - Seamless Social Media Storytelling Snapchat’s Multi-Snap Feature Lets Users Record Multiple Videos

#25 – Self-Serve Boba Tea Bars - business - Self-Serve Boba Tea Bars MILK+T is the World’s First Self-Serve Bubble Tea Flagship

#24 – Tech-Themed Maker Kits - business - Tech-Themed Maker Kits Hackerboxes Offers Nerdy DIY Subscription Boxes for Tech Buffs

#23 – Self-Serve Shopping Cafes - business - Self-Serve Shopping Cafes Alibaba’s ‘Tao Cafe’ Takes the eShopping Experience Offline

#22 – Grab-and-Go Italian Eateries - business - Grab-and-Go Italian Eateries ‘The Sosta’ Brings Fresh, Healthy and Authentic Cuisine to NYC

#21 – Meal-Planning Notepads - business - Meal-Planning Notepads The What’s For Dinner Notepad Simplifies Food-Related Decision-Making

#20 – Sustainable Meal Delivery Kits - business - Sustainable Meal Delivery Kits The Meal Delivery Service HelloFresh Offers an Eco-Friendly Box

#19 – $1 Cosmetic Retailers - business - $1 Cosmetic Retailers ‘Miss A’ Offers All Beauty Products on Its Site for Just One Dollar

#18 – AR Shopping Apps - business - AR Shopping Apps Fashion Retailer YOOX Now Lets Users Try On Accessories with the Lumyer App

#17 – Family Friendly Toy Conventions - business - Family Friendly Toy Conventions The Hasbro HASCON Convention will Feature Popular Toys

#16 – Music and Wine Festivals - business - Music and Wine Festivals Australia’s Grapevine Festival Will Feature an Array of Artists

#15 – Efficient Delivery Aircrafts - business - Efficient Delivery Aircrafts The Boeing 777 Freighter ecoDemonstrator will Fly for FedEx

#14 – AI Website Design Solutions - business - AI Website Design Solutions ‘My Launch Kit’ Creates the Perfect Website for Your Startup

#13 – Custom Connected Eyeglass Pop-Ups - business - Custom Connected Eyeglass Pop-Ups The Snap Spectacles Pop-Up is On Display at Harrods in London

#12 – Biometric Payment Methods - business - Biometric Payment Methods ‘Fingopay’ Authenticates Sales Using a Finger-Vein Reading System

#11 – Cannabis-Marketing Brand Ambassadorships - business - Cannabis-Marketing Brand Ambassadorships Weedmaps is Seeking to Promote Its Service in Boston

#10 – Sharing Economy Rental Marketplaces - business - Sharing Economy Rental Marketplaces ‘Rent Items’ Lets Users Rent and Rent Out Items

#9 – Fantasy Show-Themed Eyeshadows - business - Fantasy Show-Themed Eyeshadows Strobe Cosmetics is Offering Eyeshadows Inspired by Game of Thrones

#8 – Internet-Disabling Apps - business - Internet-Disabling Apps ‘Work On The Moon’ will Limit Internet Access for Better Productivity

#7 – Nutrition-Promoting Candy Campaigns - business - Nutrition-Promoting Candy Campaigns Scholz & Friends Developed a Campaign for Fruit Consumption

#6 – Exclusive eCommerce Kidswear - business - Exclusive eCommerce Kidswear ‘Simple Joys by Carter’s’ Was Created Just for Amazon Prime

#5 – Vegan Health-Supporting Supplements - business - Vegan Health-Supporting Supplements GoSimple Offers High-Quality Nutrition-Focused Products

#4 – Scan-Based Grocery Apps - business - Scan-Based Grocery Apps Coop Denmark’s ‘Bip & Betal’ App Lets Shoppers Scan Items on the Go

#3 – Accessible Website-Building Campaigns - business - Accessible Website-Building Campaigns This New WordPress Bundle Helps Users Get the Most Out of It

#2 – Employee Perk Bike Shares - business - Employee Perk Bike Shares LimeBike’s Bike Share Program Can Now Be Offered as Employee Perks

#1 – People-Counting Devices - business - People-Counting Devices Density Counts How Many People are in a Given Space in Real Time


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